Older Artists Shine In 2004

Contributed by AdamBernard:

I was going through the long list of albums that have come out this year and I noticed a pattern when picking out the best, the old school artists, though they released their albums with, for the most part, little fanfare, released albums that have been far and away better than the current favorites out there. This all started when I was attempting to make a Top 10 of the first 2/3 of 2004 to gauge how well the industry is doing. Album sales are nice, but creating good music is really what’s important. On my list I saw the following names appear: The , , Brand Nubian, The Pharcyde, , Mase (who is not old school by any stretch of the imagination but since he was away from the game for five years he isn’t exactly a spring chicken either).

These six artists have all released great albums this year, albums that blow the likes of Lloyd Banks’ out of the water. Why is that though? For the full commentary click here.

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