On Race, Rescue & Redemption

Jim Forsyth of WOAI in San Antonio commented on the remarks on Friday where he proclaimed “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” on NBC’s Concert For Hurricane Relief. “While it pains me deeply to support what was in the end a typically banal, simplistic exercise in Bush-bashing, Mr. West is right,” Forsyth writes. “But there is an amazing Claude-Rains-in-Casablanca moment in, of all things, a rapper complaining about the public perception of some African Americans as menacing in the mainstream culture. After stuffing his own pockets with cash from record buyers, he now complains that the image he and his fellow rappers have been perpetrating for the past twenty years is, I’m shocked, being believed! This is the very culture West and his hip hopping cronies have been portraying, but hey, who cares about the image and dignity of African Americans when there’s money to be made.” The full article at woai.com has since been removed.

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