On The Tour Bus With Murs

Murs tour bus
Footage of on the road as he and fellow Paid Dues tourmates travel from town to town has been posted at the hip hop artist’s YouTube channel. Murs was on a tour bus, introduced his tourmates , Brother Ali, Blueprint and Blueprint, and talked about recording these webisodes, his belief DJ Quik is better than Big Daddy Kane and Rev Run is better than DMC, and more. Watch it below.

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4 thoughts on “On The Tour Bus With Murs

  1. specialcase says:

    Murs is the dopest rapper alive…King of Underground Baby!!! Now he’s gone major check out every track on his debut album “Murs for President” on Warner Bros. Records…right NOW on his MySpace page!!


  2. hollabkhomie says:

    I’m feeling the album especially the Breakup song. Heard he has a video for Lookin Fly. I have to find it.

  3. dana says:

    I love this new album

  4. Mya says:

    I love the album but I can’t wait for the Murray’s Revenge DVD! Its gonna be crazy!

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