Oprah Winfrey Responds To Ludacris

Oprah Winfrey visited Ed Lover’s Power 105.1 radio show Thursday where she talked about how she attempted to explain her position to , who has joined 50 Cent in complaining about the talk show queen, during a post-show conversation backstage. “I said ‘Look Ludacris, you are so smart. You are one of the brilliant guys,” she explained. “I used to have the Klan on and the skinheads on and I looked out in the audience and I saw contact being made between the guys in the audience and the stage and they were like, ‘Yeah get her, get her, get her, Bud,'” she said. “At that moment, I was doing nobody any good [by] putting those people on because I realized that that platform was being seen and heard by a lot of people who weren’t as smart as I am. My idea was, I want y’all to know that this is what’s going on. And I said to Ludacris, ‘A lot of people who listen to your music aren’t as smart as you are. So they take some of that stuff literally when you are just writing it for entertainment purposes.'”

The full story at eurweb.com has since been removed.

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