O’Reilly Blasts Virginia Tech Pres For Allowing Nas To Perform

‘The O’Reilly Factor’ host Bill O’Reilly blasted Virginia Tech during his Talking Points segment on Wendesday (August 15), notably university president Dr. Charles Steger, for choosing to perform at a back to school Memorial Concert in memory of the shooting victims. “After 32 human beings are murdered at Virginia Tech a concert welcoming students back features a guy who traffics in violent lyrics,” O’Reilly moaned. “How disturbing is this?” O’Reilly spoke with Center for Neighborhood Enterprise’s Robert Woodson and hip hop journalist Bakari Kitwana about the controversy.

Video at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Now my talking points on this issue… Unlike many of Bill’s attacks on hip-hop, given the situation at Virginia Tech, he has a valid point here. But I would say that he probably wouldn’t go after an actor who played in a violent role at some point giving a commencement at the school, unless that’s all the actor is known for. Well in Nas’ case, he’s known for a wide variety of lyrical topics and has a large catalog of songs. If he avoids his songs with violent lyrics at the event, and given this is a lineup of several acts, his set is probably short enough where this could be easily accomplished, then there shouldn’t be a problem. If Nas disrespects the memory of the victims of Seung-Hui Cho and raps about guns and killing, then O’Reilly should have carte blanche to hammer him… He’ll deserve it only then.

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