Outasight Talks Musical Inspiration, Collaborations & Christmas

Outasight peace

‘Tonight Is The Night’ singer spoke with XL 106.7 at House of Blues in Orlando, Florida recently. The artist talked about how he was inspired to become a musician, collaborations and a Christmas wish.

On his start in music:

I was inspired by it all really. Growing up there was a lot of music around me, and I just realized right away that music invoked a feeling like nothing else did. I was like, I want to do this.

Does he remember his first rhyme?

My first rhyme, no. I remember older, older songs, but I don’t remember the first rhyme.

If he’d rather collaborate with Ke$ha or Lady Gaga:

They’re both very talented in their own way. Lady Gaga is a fellow New Yorker.

What he wants for Christmas:

World peace. I don’t know. I basically have everything I need. Maybe an iPad. Wanna get me an iPad?

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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