Outasight Talks Sports, Accents & Halloween

Outasight singer wants to fight

shared some of his favorite things with PupFresh.com, including his favorite sports teams, favorite one hit wonder, favorite accents, and more.

Favorite thing he follows:

Just sports probably I guess. I do follow sports. I’m a Giants, Knicks and Yankees fan being from New York. Big basketball fan so I follow the Knicks but NBA is on lockout so that’s not really too much to follow right now.

Favorite one-hit wonder:

How about, there was a really cool song by the Sneaker Pimps back in the day called ‘6 Underground’. Take me down, 6 underground. That was one of my favorite joints ever. It was a trip hop joint. It was really dope.

Favorite accent:

Would probably be when a woman has a foreign accent, like Italian or French or Spanish. It’s very sexy.

Favorite cartoon character:

It’s probably Stewie and Brian Griffin and their adventures together (on ‘Family Guy’).

Favorite Halloween outfit:

The favorite thing I’ve probably been for Halloween was Hunter S. Thompson and my friend Dan was my attorney. We were doing a little fear and loathing in Las Vegas and we rolled around all night partying as those two and debauchery ensued.

Watch the favorite things via YouTube below.

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