P. Diddy On With Leno Wednesday

Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday where he performed and was interviewed afterwards. Read on for a transcript.

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with P. Diddy.

[ Applause ] You’re a new york guy. Hey, how’s mom doing?

>> Mom is doing great. What’s up mom? Hi mom. I’m back. I’m on the show
again, ma.

>> Jay: You just had a birthday, right?

>> I just had a birthday.

>> Jay: 32?

>> Yeah, yeah, 32.

>> Jay: What do you do on your birthday? Do you have a big bash?

>> I wanted to do something different this year. I took a whole bunch
of friends. We went to miami. We just relaxed. We did different things.
We went bowling and played paint ball, and just hung around.

>> Jay: I didn’t ask what u u did when you were 12.

[ Laughter ] When you’r32 what did you do?

>> I wanted to recapture my youth. That was the whole concept. It was
a lot of playing games and being with people that you really care about
and love. So I had a great time.

>> Jay: I just want to see video of you bowling. That’s what I wanna

>> I’m a good bowler.

>> Jay: It’s hard to look cool bowling.

>> Are you a good bowler?

>> Jay: I can bowl. Could I kick your ass, yeah?

[ Laughter ] I mean, yeah.

>> Could I kick your ass in paint ball.

>> Jay: Paint ball? Now that I think about it, you might be better at
paint ball.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, hey. I’m just following the lead of your jokes.

>> Jay: I understand. I have to ask you about this butler thing. I got
a bunch of jokes about it. You hired like an english butler.

>> I did.

>> Jay: A guy from england trained in the school of butlertry.

>> Real truth, he’s from atlanta. He’s not trained in any butlertry,
but he has a position of my butler slash assistant. I just need a lot of
help. I am a real needy guy. I like things being neat, unlike yourself
— which I heard about you.

>> Jay: What does he do?

>> Hold on. What about you?

>> Jay: No. See — that would drive me nuts. Last night I went home,
made a turkey sandwich, I did the laundry. When was the last time you did
the laundry?

[ Applause ] Do you do the laundry or does the butler do the laundry?

>> The butler does the laundry. Butler does the laundry. I work a lot,
jay. Working, I’m running around.

>> Jay: What does the butler do? Say you’re sitting there. How does
he address you?

[ In british accent ] Mr. Combs? P. Diddy? What does he say? Excuse
me, P. Diddy. What does he say?

>> He calls me m combs.

>> Jay: Mr. Combs?

>> He calls mer. Combs. But it’s a little bit different than just that.
It’s like, you know, I need a lot of help, a lot of assistance. It helps
me to just get through every second, you know. I just need help sometimes.

>> Jay: So you feel everyone should have a butler?

>> Everyone should have somebody to help them out in life.

>> Jay: Are you —

[ Applause ] Are you like a neat freak?

>> I’m definitely a neat freak. I like everything organized. I’m not
a neat person. I’m like you.

>> Jay: Really?

[ Laughter ] Let me ask you — this is perfect. This is great. You’re
a fashion guy. I have got some of your clothes. Does this look like I’m
wearing a carpet?

>> Yes.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Very nice.

>> You can pull out a vacuum and clean that sucker.

>> Jay: You mean your butler could pull out a vacuum and clean it.

>> No. I would do that myself.

>> Jay: I would pay to see you work a vacuum. I bet you don’t even know
how to turn a vacuum on.

>> I wouldt say that. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. It just got
to a point where it got hectic and I dn’t want things to start falling
apart. I can still know how to vacuum. I know how to do the dishes. I may
bleachertain things the wrong way at times. I try my best.

>> Jay: You’re doing more movies. With halle berry in a movie.

>> We just did a film with halle berry, billy bob thornton. Produced
by my man lee daniels

>> Jay: Do you like that more than this?

>> I really can’t say that. I love making music and entertaining in
general. Music is my first love. As far as films and television, acting
is something I’m definitely taking seriously and something I definitely
look forward to. It’s fun.

>> Jay: Movies are fun when they come out. It just seems like work when
you’re doing them. You’re not in front of an audience.

>> If you enjoy being artistic and entertaining it’s great. Make sure
you all see the movie. It’s called “monster’s ball.” It’s independent,
it’s a small movie. Check that out in december.

>> Jay: We’ll come back.

>> We’ll chat it up about that.

>> Jay: Next time you come back we’ll talk.

>> What’s going on? I’m leaving?

>> Jay: You’re n leaving. You’re not leaving. No, no. I’m leaving. You
can stay.

>> All right.

>> Jay: You can stay here. I got things to do.

>> Okay.

>> Jay: P. Diddy and the bad boy family, the saga continues. Nice work.
Thanks for working so hard. Kevin kline, “life as a house” is his new film.
Folks stay tuned for conan. Tomorrow night, from sea world, julie sardinas,
some amazing animals, the very funny rob schneider, and our old buddy clint
black. Bye everybody, see you tomorrow.

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