D12 Flight Receives Bomb Threat

The Daily Mirror reports a plane carrying the members of D12 (not including Eminem) were on a Virgin Atlantic flight that was nearing its destination of JFK Airport from London Heathrow when a bomb threat was called in.

D12 Announce US Concert Plans Minus Slim

D12 and Kottonmouth Kings will be touring this fall beginning October 15 in New Haven, CT with the tour winding up on November 20 in their home town of Detroit. Eminem will not join them as he’s filming his autobiographical movie.

Outkast’s Andre Not Married

Jawn’s Juice reports that despite his thanking of a ‘father-in-law’ during his MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech, Outkast’s Andre is not married… he just misspoke as he meant to thank his stepfather. Andre’s mother had just recently gotten married.

Dr. Dre Chips In To Relief Efforts

Dr. Dre

In response to the terrorist attacks that happened in the United States last Tuesday, Dr. Dre has pledged $1 million to help with the relief efforts, reports Launch.com.

Rap Leads The Pack In Weak Terrorist Effected Sales Week

Jay-Z looks poised to dominate album sales this week as his new album, The Blueprint, has sold 299,987 units with 65% of the total sales in, blasting the nearest competitor, Nickelback, with 136k in sales to this point. Fabolous’s new Ghetto Fabolous also looks strong with 109,167 sales putting it at #3. Rap is unseen though after that until the #28 position with Juvenile’s Project English. Devil’s Night continues its weakness coming in at #43 as the group tours without Eminem.

Verve Talks to D12

Allpop’s Verve magazine talked to the guys from D12 (without Eminem as he was in LA shooting his movie). The group seemed pretty pissed when asked if they were Eminem times six replying, “That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard,” says Bizarre. “We all had individual careers. This is the all-star team, man. Every one of us was handpicked, and we’ve all been together for the past seven years. Nobody was taught how to rap or had to sharpen their skills up.”

Top Eminem Searches For August

Goto.com, soon to be called Overture.com, has their top Eminem related search terms for the month of August posted. ‘Eminem lyric’ yielded the second most number of results to ‘Eminem’. Note, ‘s’ is truncated at the end of all terms.

NY Post Reports On Relief Concert

Major New York based record labels including Roc-A-Fella, Bad Boy and Sony, are working on a relief concert, with all proceeds going to victims of the World Trade Center disaster.

Eminem And Kim Reconcile?

News of the World reports Eminem has been seeing ex-wife Kim as the two have been seen on dinner dates. Also, earlier this week in court, Eminem’s pistol whipping case was delayed until February.

Ja Rule at TRL Studios Friday

A shaken Ja Rule braved his way to Times Square on Friday to be on TRL’s Special Edition following the terrorist acts in the United States on Tuesday. Ja Rule was encouraged by the togetherness that’s happened since what happened. Read on for a transcript.