The Streets Backstage At T In The Park 2009

The Streets was at T in the Park 2009 in Balado, Scotland over the weekend. Mike Skinner talks about the view, making beats on his tourbus on the laptop, connecting with the Scottish crowds. Watch it via YouTub below.

The Streets ‘He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu’

The Streets’ Mike Skinner is out with a timely new song ‘He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu’. “I don’t advocate anarchy in any way, but I saw him scratch a rash and I had to grab an axe,” Skinner raps. Watch the song’s music video below.

The Streets New Album Planned For February 2010

Mike Skinner posted footage from his childhood Henry the Eighth performance at age 6, where the British rapper did his first lyrical recitation. Watch it below.

Meanwhile, Skinner says a new The Streets album won’t be coming until next year. He writes on his Twitter page (@skinnermike):

@hristos I won’t be able to put up tunes as regular in the summer because of being away at festivals so Feb album date is good

@hristos also I still only have 3-4 songs that are good enough for the album. I want it to be good

The footage at YouTube has since been removed.

The Streets Destructs The Stage At Brussels Show

The Streets’ Mike Skinner and crew were videotaped at Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, Belgium on November 20th, showing no mercy for innocent equipment at the end of British hip hop artist’s Everything is Borrowed tour. Watch the destruction below.

The Streets ‘Heaven For The Weather’ Video Making Of

The Streets 'Heaven For The Weather' making of
A making of clip for The Streets’ new video, in which Mike Skinner plays the role of motivational speaker in ‘Heaven for the Weather,’ has been posted at the Birmingham rapper’s YouTube channel. The track is off his fourth album ‘Everything is Borrowed’, out now. Watch the mockumentary below.

The Streets ‘Heaven For The Weather’ Video

The Streets 'Heaven For The Weather' music video

The Streets is out with the video to his new single ‘Heaven For The Weather’, off Mike Skinner’s fourth album ”Everything Is Borrowed’, out now on 679 Recordings. Watch the video via YouTube below.

The Streets ‘The Escapist’ DIY Video

The Streets 'The Escapist'

Mike Skinner of The Streets is out with the do-it-yourself video to his new single ‘The Escapist’, a track off the Birmingham, England rapper’s fourth album ‘Everything Is Borrowed’, out September 15th in the UK on 679 Records. “During a great period of intense mixing we decided that it might be nice to shoot a video,” Skinner said of the effort. “This isn’t the way the record industry works and so it was under the radar of the label and done totally for us by us on a shoe string. It was totally different from any other promo that I’ve made in that it was something real that we just filmed rather than trying to create something real looking using lots of people and lots of angles. I feel like it’s more than a video in that sense, as well as looking quite odd without all the singing and quick cuts.” Watch it via YouTube below.

The Streets: No Album Until ’08

The Streets, aka Mike Skinner, posted the following message on his blog at MySpace (@thestreets) on Wednesday (July 18):

It doesn’t matter how pure your creative vision is, making an album when you’re quite well known is a bit stressful. You spend most of the time running on passion and ideas, like you should, riding a wave of what sounds good and what you want to say. But you’re always mildly aware of the fact that there’s a team of people around you and a whole population of punters with a passing interest, all of whom are (or will be) making a judgement about what you’re getting done.

I’ve had to accept this week that because my album isn’t quite right yet it won’t be coming out this year. I think I’ve got the makings of a great record, but I’ve been working so hard on it that my head is spinning at the end of every day and when I wake up each morning the first thing I feel is panic. That isn’t really much fun, so I’ve decided to chill out a bit and try to get some distance from it while we do this Scotland tour, Get Loaded and Ibiza. This also means I’ll maintain my tidy pattern of releasing an album in 2002, 2004, 2006 and, now, 2008.

And at least I beat Mayhem at poker the other day.

The Streets & Company’s ‘Prangin’ Out’ Video

The Streets, aka Mike Skinner, is out with the video to his new single ‘Prangin’ Out’, featuring Skepta, Wretch, Ghetto, Tinchy Stryder, Development, Bossman and Frisco, from the album ‘The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living’. Watch it below.