Obie Trice Visits TRL

Obie Trice stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday (September 24) at MTV Studio, Times Square in New York City. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Eminem Performs At Obie Trice Release Party reports Eminem showed up at the State Theatre in Detroit on Sunday (September 21) to help Obie Trice launch his debut album, ‘Cheers’, which comes out Tuesday (September 23) on Eminem’s Shady Records label.

Obie Trice Jumps Into Ja Rule Beef

Jim Farber of The New York Daily News spoke with Obie Trice as the rapper sets the release of ‘Cheers’ today. Trice decided to use his real name for his debut CD, a rarity among rappers. “I want you to know this is coming from a real person,” he explains. As for his Ja Rule diss track ‘Sh** Hits the Fan’, he remarked: “I don’t want to take on 50’s beef. But then Ja Rule said stuff about Eminem’s daughter and I felt I had to say something back.”

Obie Trice Rips The Source

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In a recent interview with Obie Trice ripped into The Source, exclaiming, “I say fu** ’em. And you can tell they just do sh** blatantly now, like put 50 on the cover, use photos they’re not supposed to use of him. If you’re a real person you can see they’re just real fu**ed in the game.” To read everything he said about the situation click here.

Outkast, Obie Trice & More On TV This Week

Rap acts on television this week include Outkast, who appear on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday, 106 and Park and Live with Regis and Kelly on Tuesday, and the Late Show with David Letterman on Friday; Obie Trice, who appears on TRL on Wednesday and Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday; Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz featuring The Ying Yang Twins, who appear on Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday; Biz Markie, who appears on Last Call on Friday; Chingy and Ludacris, who appear on 106 and Park on Friday; and look for Damon Dash sometime this week on the UK edition of MTV’s TRL.

Obie Trice Is Loyal To The Shady Camp

If Eminem is the head of the Shady household, D12 are the rowdy cousins and 50 Cent is the bad-boy brother, then Obie Trice is the newborn baby. But just because he’s a new addition doesn’t mean he’s not loyal to the unit, especially when it comes to the beef between the Shady camp, Ja Rule and Benzino/The Source’s embargo on positive ink for Shady artists. “I don’t think The Source will ever get with us because of the Benzino thing [Benzino is part-owner of The Source],” he tells Shannon McCarthy of Get Real Detroit. “I think that’s just totally over with. They might not even deal with me as far as putting my album in there or getting a review, you know what I mean?”

Obie Trice ‘Got Some Teeth’ Video

The video for Obie Trice’s new single ‘Got Some Teeth’, the first single from his debut album ‘Cheers’ (due September 23rd) is available on the rapper’s official site. Watch it via YouTube below.

Obie Trice: Interscope Can’t Be Fu**ed With caught up with Obie Trice for a Q&A session and asked the rapper for his thoughts on Interscopes stranglehold on the hip-hop record industry today. “Right now no one can fu** with us. We’re the dream team. I don’t see anyone ever fu**in’ with us. That’s Interscope for you. You gotta look at the label. I mean look at what you got there. You got Bionic Jive (laughter is heard in the background). You got fu**in’ Obie Trice. You got Slim Shady and 50 Cent, D12. You had 2Pac. You got E-V-E. It’s just a strong force.”

Obie Trice Says Eminem Saved His Life

Blender magazine spoke with Obie Trice in their Next Big Thing feature, where he talked about being Eminem’s new prodigy. “I owe it all to Marshall,” he said. “That man saved my life.” Trice spoke of the time he was nearly killed selling crack. “This one guy, high on crack, held a gun to my head, creaming that he was going to shoot me. As soon as he turned his back, I jumped out the window, glass everywhere, fell into the backyard and ran up the street, just waiting for the bullet to crack my skull.” But prison and becoming a father convinced him to go straight.

Obie Trice Stops By 1Xtra

Obie Trice was interviewed on 1Xtra with Rodney P & Skitz on Monday. Obie talked about how he hooked up with Eminem on Shady Records, the hard work he put in on his debut album, workin’ with Dr. Dre, and they then played the Ja Rule diss track Obie joined Slim and Dre on before continuing the interview. Audio at has since been removed.