Papoose Gets Sucker Punched On Film… Uncle Murda Tied In?

RealTalkNYTV’s ‘The Show’ features the Brooklyn rapper getting sucker punched the other night, with the clip’s creator giving the 28-year-old a tough time for grabbing a pole nearby to keep from falling down. The video treatment prompted one YouTube commenter to write, “This was clearly retaliation for the Uncle Murda snuff situation.. The goons set-up or knew were Pap was gonna be interviewing, and ambushed’em!.. It’s no coincidence how Uncle murda just put out a YouTube vid talking sh** around the same time this video surfaced.. Also, Murda is the only one who refers to Pap as the ‘Geiko lizard’ and who ever edited this sh** had that all over it.. This is just some lame attempt to discredit Paps rep.” The fight clip and the Murda clip referenced in the message have since been removed from YouTube.

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