Paris On Conservative Pundits’ Selective Moral Outrage caught up with and asked the political rapper what he thought about Bill O’Reilly of Fox News blasting rappers on his show. “They only pick on the indefensible, so it’s like shooting fish in a barrel,” Paris responded. “Of course, they exercise selective moral outrage. A rapper comes out with a record about raping his mom and they object. Well, sh**, who wouldn’t? I object to that bullsh** too, but I don’t necessarily blame the artists. Most of these motherfu**as don’t know too much about anything, and a lot of them–often grown men–talk about sh** that a 12-year old would be concerned with. My beef with conservative pundits is that they don’t openly criticize things that really matter, like corporate endorsement of the entertainment poison that afflicts us, or our out-of-control government and it’s racist, genocidal policies. I’ve never seen Bill get on rappers for endorsing black-on-black crime, or get on Fox (his parent company) for the negativity and immoral sh** they put forth as entertainment (‘Cops,’ ‘Paradise Hotel,’ etc.).” The interview at has since been removed.

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