Patti LaBelle On Meeting Lil’ Kim In Prison

The Dallas Voice caught up with Patti LaBelle for a Q&A and asked if she though Lil’ Kim was good to momma in prison. “I don’t think she was good to momma I think momma was good to her,” LaBelle responded. “I guess she did her time well. I did go see her when she was in. It was kind of scary. I thought I would be really nervous, but I was fine once I saw her. We sat together and we laughed and we sang and we had fun.” Asked if the rapper had any crazy prison stories to share, LaBelle said, “No, she didn’t, but they did make her a cake when her album was released, with marshmallows and apples and jellybeans, whatever they had, and they cooked it in the microwave. She said she was learning how to cook with the microwave, so that’s good. I’m very happy that she’s out.” Read more.

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