Pharrell Williams Discusses New Green Clothing Line

visited Fox Business Channel on Friday (April 22) with Tyson Toussant, Returns Textile co-founder, to discuss his new green clothing and accessories line. “When you think of green right, you immediately think of some guy with Birkenstocks and eating trail mix and ‘Hey man, the man’s taking over man, let’s do something about it man’,” Pharrell joked. “Well, that’s not reality. Reality is that you can just be conscious in the way that you’re building or constructing your project, whether that is architecture or whether it is down to something as simple as textile. Just think about it. Be conscious about what you’re doing.”

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One thought on “Pharrell Williams Discusses New Green Clothing Line

  1. Beth says:

    Yes you maybe using green products but where are your products made??

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