Pharrell’s Diary In Teen People

Contributed by shortie:

Teen People has N.E.R.D.’s doing a year long diary and he looks back at 2003 with his last entry he wrote: “When I think back on everything that’s happened this year-damn, I can’t remember where I was in January! As for now, N.E.R.D. just toured with the Roots and O.A.R. We’re all friends, so that was cool. I’ve done more tracks for Jay-Z’s ‘The Black Album’, like ‘Allure’ and this club banger called ‘Change Clothes and Go.’ Jay’s my boy-it’s amazing to watch the dude work. And you know, ‘Beautiful’ made a change in my life, ‘Frontin’ made a huge change, but getting to talk to you all in Teen People has been gargantuan! Thank you!”

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