Phrase Bypasses Label To Turn 2008 Around

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@bigphrase) on Tuesday (December 16), reflecting on his year. The Melbourne, Australia rapper tells readers:

2008 has been a small year and a big year for me. At the start of the year my record label were fu**ing me in my beautiful arse hole and absolutely nothing was happening with my music or a release date. At one point I almost thought I would quit, but then I thought about giving up late nights free booze hot groupies and signing peoples bodies and decide that going back to furniture removals is not the life for me.

So I decided fu** my record label and arranged a meeting with Richard Kingsmill, the main man at triple j, and went and played him my unreal songs. A week later my first single ‘Clock Work’ was on high rotation the week after that I am triple j’s most played artist, and what do you know? My record label start talking to me again. “Amazing what a bit of radio play will do “..

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