Pitbull On Eminem Vs. The Source

TheDirtySouth.com caught up with for a Q&A and asked the Miami rapper for his take on the ongoing feud between The Source and . “In everybody’s life.. they’ve had a point where they’ve had…um, a high level of ignorance,” he said. “Even with Eminem’s racist comments, that was a high level of ignorance… I guess that’s why he’ll never say the word ‘nigga’ in one of his rhymes… cause he really ain’t from that type of sh**. But for, somebody, let’s say Benzino to use his clout with his magazine… I don’t think it’s ever good to wish bad on somebody. My mother always told me… I used to run around the house ‘I hate this muthafu**a’, she was like, ‘Hate is a strong word. Don’t use that sh**. Dislike them, but you don’t hate them’. I feel what’s going on right now is a lot of hate.”

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One thought on “Pitbull On Eminem Vs. The Source

  1. Rugy says:

    Pitbull STFU Em would
    murder your bitch ass he been through sh** even 50 said em could use the word nigga cause he been through it unlike your bitch ass

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