Potluck Hype ‘Pipe Dreams’ Release

UnderRated and 1 Ton of Potluck posted a clip promoting the release of their new album ‘Pipe Dreams’ ahead of its February 10th release on Subnoize. “It has been a long journey for us recording this new CD,” the hip hop duo write. “We spent countless hours in the studio working harder then we ever did before. We started with a vision to create a CD that shared our entire life with our fans. We wrote songs about our highest highs, our lowest lows and everything in between. We smoked over 1,000 blunts, finished at least a dozen bottles of Crown Royal, and drank so many different energy drinks we lost count all in an effort to create this new CD. Now after all the hard work we are finally finished. Potluck Pipe Dreams is here and ready for everyone to enjoy.” Watch the video below.

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