Prodigy Labels Nas A Turncoat

In an interview with, sounded off on fellow Queensbridge rapper . Asked about Nas’ new album ‘Ni**er’, Prodigy responded, “I don’t even like talking about that ni**ger now. I don’t even like ni**a man. He’s a turncoat ni**a. He’ll switch sides on you, so I don’t even fu** with Nas, so he can call his album whatever he wants. That sh** is completely irrelevant to me. We on a whole ‘notha page over here.”

As for what prompted the bad blood, Prodigy said, “I just said it, he’s a sucka as ni**a, and he do sucka sh**.” Prodigy is set to release ‘H.N.I.C. Part 2’ through Voxonic Music in March. YouTube has since removed the video.

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