Proof Of D12 Calls Out Ja, Suge And Gotti

Contributed by Pilgrim:

of D12 has released a new track adding fuel to the fire in the ongoing Shady / Aftermath / Murder INC beef. Proof’s new track, called “Ja in a Bra”, is in response to the beating that he apparently received at the hands of Murder INC’s entourage. Proof raps “Chris Gotti, this nigga had the nerve to have 10 nigga’s sneak me” He goes on, addressing , “I can’t believe my name came out your ho ass mouth nigga, talking about WE gave it to Proof, your bitch ass was scared to come in that club.” Proof also calls out , the CEO of the recently renamed Death Row is Back Records, claiming Suge fled from an LA club after 50 cent and G-Unit showed up.

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