Puffy Arrived Just In Time To Host MTV’s TRL

The guy that proposed on MTV’s Total Request Live that proposed to his girlfriend when Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs hosted (October 18) did let Courtney Mullin, Casting Coordinator for TRL know what he was going to do. Mullin writes, “He e-mailed me and asked if there was anyway he could propose on TRL. We loved the idea, and together we coordinated how we could make it happen without her knowing. It was great – she was shocked and could not stop crying.” Meanwhile, Puffy almost didn’t make it in time to the show. “He kind of gave the entire staff a big scare because he did not arrive until 10 minutes before we were live,” she revealed. “Everyone was in panic mode, wondering what we would do if he did not make it here at 3:30.”

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