Puffy Beats Up Calum Best In Girl Row

The Sunday Mirror reports Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs punched Calum Best, son of soccer idol George, in the face and had him thrown off the luxury yacht they were partying on in St. Tropez harbor after a fight over a girl. “Loads of people had come back on the boat and everyone was having a great time. We had all been in the VIP club and returned about 4am to carry on partying,” an eyewitness remarked. “One minute Calum was sitting talking to P. Diddy the next all hell broke loose. I clearly saw Puff punch Calum at least twice in the face and he just slumped over me. It all happened so quickly. There was no blood but Calum was totally stunned by the blow. He never said a word. Then he was grabbed by five minders who seemed to have come from nowhere. They hauled him up and threw him off the boat. Puff just carried on as though nothing had happened.” The full story at sundaymirror.co.uk has since been removed.

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