Puffy Calls Into TRL Friday

Sean Combs phoned into TRL Friday for their special episode following the tragic terrorist acts that were inflicted in the United States on Tuesday. New York resident P. Diddy was still trying to come to grips with what happened. Read on for a full transcript.

Carson: On the phone is our friend P. Diddy. Are you there, Sean?, Puff are you there. Can you hear me?

Carson: I got you it’s Carson how are you man?

Sean Combs: How are you?

Carson: Very good, you know given the circumstances. I know you are a native New Yorker. How is your family, everybody safe?

Sean Combs: Yes, thank god everybody is safe, you know everybody is altogether. You know this is definitely, definitely a time for family and stickin’ together. And just rememberin’ the simple things in life.

Carson: Right. Of course you are somebody who has had your own adversities this the last year, even two years with court and issues and personal stuff and, you know, a mogul, you have restaurants and what is your mindset now, how does this horrible tragedy, does this change your perspective of life?

Sean Combs: None of that matters in a situation like this. This situation is so horrible and inconceivable, uhm, it is just — I’m at a loss for words to explain like all the different feelings, all day long you get so many different feelings that run through your body and your mind. Your heart is you know like a lot of times you are confused, angry, you are sad. And sometimes you are scared. You know, but it is a situation right now where we have to definitely turn to god, everybody lookin’ for all sorts of answers and wanting answers now and uhm we should really be putting our faith in god and really sendin’ up some powerful prayers and really havin’ faith that everything is gonna be all right.

Carson: You travel a lot, i know this for a fact. Has this affected your schedule like when will you go back and resume your sort of everyday life?

Sean Combs: I think this has affected everybody’s schedule. Beyond the travel, it’s just a situation where, uhm — where like you do not want to leave your family, if you are close to your family or like you don’t want to make any sudden movements just yet but, at the same time you know you have to go on with life and fight against this. It is really a hard time but it is something that I feel we’re gonna all make it through and, uhm, right now, right now, I don’t think my focus is really on work; it’s really — it’s more just on livin’ and just absorbin’ what’s going on an makin’ sure my kid’s all right and everybody around me is all right.

Carson: Quily how do you explain this as a dad? We know you as a superstar and see you on this Sean. What do you tell Justin?!

Sean Combs: I mean, basically try to tell him everything’s gonna be all right. It’s hard to really explain what’s going on because as an adult we do not even know exactly what’s goin’ on but it is just important to stress to the children, your kids or brothers and sisters that you know everything’s gonna be all right and this will pass and god’s gonna help us get through this.

Carson: All right. Sean thank you very much we’ll talk to you soon.

Sean Combs: Thank you very much, god bless.

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