Puffy Calls Into TRL To Talk About 9.11.01 Anniversary

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to discuss his thoughts on the anniversary of September 11, 2001. Puffy told Carson Daly and John Norris that today was a special day for the people of New York City, “It’s like we are not sayin’ it to each other but everybody walkin’ around sayin’ like they are grateful to be here and, you know, how much love we have for the city of New York.” Read on for a transcript.

Carson: We finally did a TRL a couple days after-11 last year literally
trapped in his apartment on the phone is P. Diddy how are you man.

P. Diddy: Good.

Carson: John norris with a live studio odd yns. Today we have had people
call in and talkin’ to some of our favorite TRL artists like yourselves
and kids seein’ what they were doin’ today and really ask you the same.
I remember talking with you this time last year and as a father were you
talking about how it would be difficult to explain these events to your
kids. How has that been the liz year and what are they thinking and feeling

P. Diddy: Today you know is a special day for I would say all new yorkers,
especially like just walkin’ around the city I’ve been walkin’ around the
city and just seein’ the faces of just all the new yorkers just givin’
me such a sense of pride. Uhm, it’s like we are not sayin’ it to each other
but everybody walkin’ around sayin’ like they are grateful to be here and,
you know, how much love we have for the city of new york. As far as my
kids, uhm, they’ve always questioned why what happened, you know, you try
to explain it to them the best you can but somethin’ like this, it’s really
hard to explain but you — the best thing I’ve tried to do is try to help
them move on from it and just tell them that things like this happen in
life but to keep your faith in god and, you know, don’t be afraid and you
know everything is gonna get better and I think that’s what we are seein’,
our country rise up and our city rise up and you know handle the situation
as best as we can.

John: Hey, man it is john. Listen I think a lot — for a lot of us the
last time we saw or heard from you the video music ardrds a couple weeks
ago an amazing performance back bigger than ever I want to ask you about,
uhm, this past year and in any way has the events of-11 or what happened
afterwards affected you as an entertainer or just in life in general.

P. Diddy: I think it has made us all even more sensitive, all even —
more that appreciative I would say and, you know, every morning I get up
is a miracle, such a blessin’. I think — I think people have been able
to see it like with my attitude like when I’m interviewed or whatever I’m
just so happy just to be wakin’ up in the morning, I’m so happy to see
everybody because you can’t take that for granted you know. I would rather
not waste the timend give you you know something a regular greeting or
live l iar way but rather live like the happiest day in my life. I have
problems like everybody else ups and downs but so appreciative living another
day especially in new york not seeing the towers is a constant remindser
how much a blessin’ it is for us to be here.

Carson: A prominent new yorker you are in fact I saw spike lee another
prominent new yorker doin’ what P. Diddy just feeling the vibe.

P. Diddy:  I love new york, god bless america but as far as new
york all my new yorkers our hands and we the greatest and strongest city
in the world.

Carson: We appreciate you callin’ in thanks.

P. Diddy: God bless.

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