Puffy Interviews Fat Joe On TRL

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs was host of MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday, where he welcomed . Diddy was accomodating Joe to promote his new album ‘Loyalty’, which drops November 12th. Read on for a transcript.

Diddy: for my next guest, the heavyweight champion of the rap world
please welcome my man fat joeeeee!


Fat Joe: Yeah!


Fat Joe: Yo yo

Fat Joe: P. Diddy.

Diddy: Joey crack.

Fat Joe: Ha-ha.

Fat Joe: Wha’ssup, baby.

Diddy: Y’all know we are very goo friends, very good friends happy to
have you here, joe.

Fat Joe: Thank you very much, P. Diddy.

Diddy: You just did a hot new video with ginuwine.

Fat Joe: Yeah, a sexy one for the ladies tryin’ tdohe dirrty thing you
know what i mean.

Diddy: Here is a first look, a premiere “crush tonight” check it out.

Fat Joe: Holla, trl.


Diddy: That was a first look at the new fat joe video “crush tonight”
that’s hot. Y’all like that.

Fat Joe: — Jump off.

Diddy: Y’all like that right there.

Fat Joe: Yeah


Diddy: We want to get that on the trl countdown so make sure you vote
for that too fat joe i got questions for you i gotta ask you.

Fat Joe: You probably know the answers.

Diddy:  In a couple weeks you are droppin’ your new album “loyalty”.

Fat Joe: November 12th.

Diddy: Off this nof 12th.

Fat Joe: Lu a successful you know album

Diddy: Jealous Ones Still Envy went platinum. How did you insure you
would have equal or even more success on this album.

Fat Joe: This is called “loyalty” a/k/a a breath of fresh air my whole
life i want platinum and I did. The pressure is off i wanted to get real
personal, diverse, different looks, make it sexy and take it to the streets
with the gangsta joints. This album is better than ever, baby.

Diddy:  Your best one.

Fat Joe: Very real like I’m one of the only rappers to keep gettin’
better and better every album you know what i mean I’m tryin’ to catch
up to you.

Diddy: Okay make sure you get the album tell the name again

Fat Joe: Loyalty! November 12th what?! Holla.

Diddy: We got to take a break.

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