Puffy Promotes His Big Bash At Cipriani

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs was at the Radio City Music Hall on Thursday to talk with Carson Daly and Christina Milian about his big party tonight at an “undisclosed” (maybe he doesn’t know everyone knows where by now) location after the Video Music Awards, where he’ll be performing as well. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: We’re here at radio city music hall. This is P.Diddy who
is probably one of the busiest guys around here. And of course, it’s the
2002 video music awards tonight with an inverbal list of performances and
presenters — an incredible list of performers and presenters and jimmy
fallon host. We just watched P.Diddy perform.

P. Diddy: We were just talking about it with moby. Hot performance.
I’m looking forward to it. It’s getting hot in here.

Carson: Obviously everybody wants a lot of the big conversation is what
party are you going to go to after the vmas. P.Diddy throwing clearly the
biggest party.

P. Diddy: Reebok is throwing me this joint. Me and gary, we came and
undisclosed event. Undisclosed location, but they’re throwing us a big

Christina Milian: I got an invitation, too.

P. Diddy:  It’s a photo album.

Carson: It’s a photo album of all the past parties.

P. Diddy: All my past parties.

Christina Milian: My goodness.

P. Diddy: In the last one it says will you make this picture. This is
tonight’s party, the greatest party of all time.

Carson What is going to make this the greatest party?

P. Diddy: I think the energy of all the artists. We need to get together
and celebrate and hug each other, not compete with each other.

Carson: Do not disturb the sexy.

P. Diddy: That’s the whole thing. You can’t disturb — we have these

Carson: That’s P.Diddy’s big thing. Do not disturb the sexy. I don’t
know what the sex yao is. There’s rules lear for the party attempt.

P. Diddy: Do not disturb the sexy.

P. Diddy: Females must be backed.

P. Diddy: Have the toe game on point.

Carson: Toe game.

Christina Milian: I got a pedicure. This is all good.

P. Diddy: This is for you, not your friend. If you don’t come dressed
up, you’re not going to get in. Thank you for r and for throwing this.
Trl, baby.

Carson: He’s up for an award. Por two joints.

Carson: You don’t even care. It’s all about the party.

P. Diddy: I’m blessed. I thank god and i thank all the fans that have
support me over the last year with me coming out and putting out a lot
of records and i hope to have a lot of fun.

Carson: You said it best.

P. Diddy: Good to see you, man.

Carson: There’s P.Diddy. We will tell about you the party. I’m going
to on friday live — on tomorrow live on trl. Y know how the bash went

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