Puffy Talks With David Letterman

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman on Friday to promote his ‘Making The Band II’ series on MTV that kicks off later tonight. Puffy talked about his names, which Dave is fascinated about. He also talked about his party lifestyle, his summer, his butler, whether the east coast / west coast battle was done — he says it is, and more. Read on for a transcript.

Dave: Our first guest is a two-time grammy winning rap artist and
starring in a new reality series entitled making the band two. It premieres
tomorrow night on mtv. Ladies and gentlemen, here is sean “P. Diddy” combs.
( Cheers and applause ) ( band playing )

Dave: Good to see you.

Diddy: Good to see you, too, dave.

Dave: Let’s go through the name situation now. Your originally sean
combs wax your mom call you.

Diddy: My moms calls me sean. Dave, we’ve gone there through this before.
I like you, dave.

Dave: I like you as well. You’re doing a good job.

Dave: Thank you I appreciate that. ( Cheers and applause )

Dave: And then you became puff daddy, is that right?

Diddy: Yes, in my younger years yes, yes. When I was around 12 I became
puff daddy.

Dave: And then it was P. — Puffy — what was it? Then it was puffy.

Diddy: Yes, yes then we went to puffy a shorter abbreviated version
in my maturing years around the age of 18.

Dave: Was it P. Daddy for a while?

Diddy: It was just daddy for a minute.

Dave: I see. D now it’s pawsox diddy.


Diddy: That’s the new thing.

Dave: As the name has evolved as it has changed what are we left with.
What is that symbolic of? What does it mean?

Diddy: I really don’t know. ( Laughter ) I’m trying to figure it out
myself everyayay. I’m having fun with life. I’m happy to be here. The name
change has been symbolic of constant change and growth of me as a person.

Dave: It’s interesting in the world of show business where branding
and the name of a performer is everything. The only other musician who
changed his name was John Mellencamp who was John Cougar Mellancampm. You
two guys are the only two that I have ever — because you’re playing with
fire, don’t you think? You could confuse the music consuming public. (
Laughter )

Diddy: I’m going to think about that one, dave. ( Laughter )

Dave: How was — did you have a nice summer did you do stuff?

Diddy: I had a great summer.

Dave: What do you do?

Diddy: When I go away I like to be on the water. I was in sardina and
st. Tropez.

Dave: What was like that shah is off the coast of italy?

Diddy: Yes and how long were through?

Diddy: I was there to for three or four days.

Dave: Do you speak it talian. Do you need to speak italian?

Diddy: No I just give them facial expressions.

Dave: That seems to work. Europeans know who you are of course.

Diddy: Yes.

Dave: Are you able to get away from the folks and relax?

Diddy: I’m a people people. That’s the beauty about being on the year
it’s hard to get to you there. Deep water they don’t mess with.

Dave: Did you ever play will it float? ( Laughter ) what kind of boat
were you on?

Diddy: A small little yacht. ( Laughter ) humble thing.

Dave: Family and friends that kind of stuff?

Diddy: Family and friends definitely.

Dave: You had a nice summer you were able to relax?

Diddy: Yes. You should come next time.

Dave: Really I can come with you?

Diddy: I have invited you to a lot of things. We should hang out.

Dave: No.

Diddy: I understand.

Dave: I just don’t — I’m scared.

Diddy: I understand but it’s all right now I’ve gone. Everything is

Dave: Hanging out with you think I would be incidental. I don’t think
anyone would care. You know what mean?

Diddy: You would be significant, trust me.

Dave: You raise an interesting point. Oh, you had the big party after
the MTV awards. Paul was there.

Diddy: Yeah, paul, what’s up. Hey –.

Paul: My shoes were shined baby.

Diddy: He was shaking his booty he was doing his thing.

Paul: I don’t know about that. I was hanging with penny marshall.

Dave: Now — ( laughter ) you must know something about the chemistry
of people. It’s not just a party. It’s just not like a –.

Diddy: Art form. Throwing a function.

Dave: What kind of things do you like to keep in mind when you’re planning
a party? What is important to you?

Diddy: I like to have a nice group people. Putting people in one room.
People with good positive energy. I think that’s important. We’re in times
when people need to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. That’s what
I provide provide.

Dave: Do you invite people you don’t know. People you have never met

Diddy: Not really. I have know you and feel your vibe.

Dave: But you talk to everybody who attends party.

Diddy: Yeah I’m very hospitiable.

Dave: I know. When people come in do they put their coats on a bed somewhere?

Diddy: No there’s — I don’t usually have it at a house — ( laughter

Dave: You should have one at the house.

Diddy: At your house?

Dave: Not at my house, no.

Diddy: Come on loosen up davey. ( Cheers and applause )

Dave: All right. We’ll be right back here with sean “P. Diddy” combs,
everybody. ( Band playing )

( cheers and applause )

Dave: Sean “P. Diddy” combs. ( Cheers andpplause ) now these — are
these from your most recent vacation or was there a previous year, sean?

Diddy: That’s some snapshots.

Dave: This is you on a jet ski.

Diddy: This is the home photo album. This is the mediterranean the water
is deep there

Dave: You’re wearing a plush robe.

Diddy: Let me explain that to you. I love the water. I just don’t like
getting wet. ( Laughter )

Dave: I’ll accept that. This one. I remember seeing this in the newspaper.
This was a widely published photo. This is you walking on a dock or on
the shore somewhere and there’s a guy with an umbrella and do you know
that guy?

Diddy: Yeah, he’s a very good friend of mine. That’s my butler. No trouble
at all the my schedule is hectic and it’s best. He’s from the south and
it was things like that. ( Laughter )

Dave: I know when you’re saying. But what kind of responsibility did
the butler have?

Diddy: He was so good at his job. That was his idea that wasn’t my idea.
It was hot out that day. I don’t really like the heat that much really.

Dave: You don’t like the heat or the water.

Diddy: Yeah. ( Laughter )

Dave: Because a really good butler anticipated your every desire and
sometimes I would think that makes me jumpy because he is always there.
Did that bother you?

Diddy: No he was a friend of mine and still is a friend of mine. It
was cool like a friend. He was — yeah, you should get a butler.

Dave: All right. Do you still tour?

Diddy: Yes.

Dave: What is that like now?

Diddy: Touring is intense it’s a great time. When I hit the stage I
hit it hard and I like to entertain everybody and have a good time.

Dave: Do you ever get confused when you are on tour a lengthy tour?

Diddy: Yes, yes. Somebody must have told you the story. I have this
story that it was embarrassing moment for me that I was on a worldwide
tour and I was in Denmark the night before we had bell gum and I was in
denmark and I didn’t see the commercial and I said Belgium in the house,
Belgium make some noise but I was really in Denmark. It wasn’t the look
I was going for but a poor guy to pelt after they threw numerous things
on the stage. After we got past that —

Dave: How can you not make a mistake like that every night you’re in
a different country?

Diddy: After that show for the next couple of shows — we’re in Paris
our crew had it taped all over the place. Wherer I’m at it’s taped over
the stage.

Dave: They do that here and we haven’t left the city in five years.
We’re in new york.

Diddy: New york, baby! ( Cheers and applause )

Dave: Let’s talk about making the band, two. What is that and whe is
your role in that?

Diddy: It’s a show on mtv. It gives you the insight the on what I do.
I have a job. I don’t just party all the time. I have a job I go to.

Dave: That job in a one sentence –.

Diddy: Music star maker artist. It really shows me cultivating and making
stars molding and shaping them into eye master masterpiece.

Dave: Via this program you’ll find a star.

Diddy: I’m in search for a star scouring the earth.

Dave: What if you don’t find somebody who is good enough?

Diddy: I found a couple for the pand I wanted to put together. There’s
great talent out there. The premiere show airs saturday 9:00 mtv. Check
it out.

Dave: How many weeks will that run?

Diddy: 12 weeks.

Dave: What do we see.

Diddy: You kind of see the introduction. Everybody has had the dream
of becoming a star. Everybody has watched their favorite recording artists.
That’s how my dream started watching run dmc. People who don’t understand
hip-hop you get see the behind the scenes and know that it’s a multimillion
dollar business. We’re business men and women and I think the show accurately
detects — depicts that but it shows the wild side.

Dave: Is there still an east coast west coast feud?

Diddy: There was never nothing like. That we can move on.

Dave: I thought there was trouble with some gangsters.

Diddy: Dave, loom me I don’t have no trouble with gangsters.

Dave: Everything is good then?

Diddy: Everything is beautiful. God is the greatest. I give all glory
to god. I’m happy to be here with you. I hope you stop feeling so tired.
I feel that way sometimes. Give him a a round of applause.

Dave: Thank you have you much much. Very nice of you, sean.

Diddy: Yeah.

Dave: All right premieres tomorrow night on mtv making the band ii.
Sean “P. Diddy” combs. We’ll be right back. Everybody. ( Band playing )
. ( Cheers and applause )

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