Puffy Visits ‘Late Night’

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs visited ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ to promote the new season of ‘Making The Band’, which will be a girl group this time. He also talked about his film career, his Sean John clothing line, and how his former personal umbrella holder Farnsworth Bentley has found success with his MTV show ‘Borrow My Crew’ and ‘Access Hollywood’ correspondent gigs. Read on for a complete transcript.

Conan: All right everybody. We’re back. My first guest — oh, that’s
good gin! My first guest is a three-time grammy award winning rapper. He’s
also a music producer, fashion designer, restaurateur. And tomorrow you
can see the premier of his new mtv show “making the band 3.” Please welcome
sean “P. Diddy” combs.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: You look good. Now I feel like I got to look better, because
you walked out looking so good.

Puffy: No, you always look good.

Conan: Thank you. You said that was the most sarcasm I’ve ever heard
of you. This is sears. This is the best sears has to offer. Nice. Look
at that. Can you get me right here? Just give me a little lovin’?

Puffy: When you wear fine silk corduroy you get a lot of lint.

Conan: You missed this piece right here.

Puffy: That came from your suit.

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: That’s good. You look fantastic.

Puffy: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Conan: First of all, so much to talk about. You were just at the oscars.
You got to present at the oscars. And then you threw a big oscar party.

Puffy: Yes.

Conan: I’m sure my invite is somewhere. I have to look for it.

Puffy: I always send you an invite. It always seems to get misplaced.

Conan: Maybe you’re spelling my name wrong. Is it crownan o’brian?

Puffy: You spell your name with a “k” right?

Conan: There’s the problem. How was the party you threw?

Puffy: It was great especially because my friend won, jamie foxx. Give
it up for jamie foxx, y’ all.

[ Applause ] So we — I don’t throw the typical hollywood extra-uptight
party. So we get loose, we dance a little bit. So we had a very diverse
crowd from sean penn to pamela anderson to jamie foxx. Spike lee, chris
tucker, mary J. Blige, beyonce.

Conan: And when you — you know what I’m always reading about your parties
and it always sounds like they’re a success. Ever thought about going into
the party business? Like throwing bar mitzvahs or something? Wouldn’t a
kid who’s going to have a bar mitzvah want a sean “P. Diddy” combs bar
mitzvah. Run by you. Mary J. Blige is there. People are popping out. I’m

[ Light laughter ] Do you think this idea is any good? Would you do
that ever? Would you sell those services or is that just for your friends?

Puffy: I mean if the check is right.

Conan: Yeah.

Puffy: I mean, for the right paper, anything is possible, conan. Even

Conan: Even I could have a cool party if you ran it.

Puffy: Even you could have a cool P. Diddy function.

Conan: People would think it’s a joke. I’m having a party it’s being
run by sean “P. Diddy” combs. People would think I was kidding. They would

[ Light laughter ] It’s not that funny, okay. Can I have that just for
a second? I want to try one thing.

Puffy: Yeah.

Conan: I’m just curious if it’s just — yeah, it actually is removing
hair from my hair. It’s incredible. You have style. You can pull things
off that other people can’t pull off. For example, you have a butler —
farnsworth bentley and there’s this famous picture with you with farnsworth
bentley. This guy — none of the rest of us can get away with that. But
I think it’s because — I talked to you before. As a child you were, you
know, a successful businessman. We found a picture of you from when you
were, like, 10. Take a look at this. It’s pretty amazing.

[ Laughter and applause ] You’re the coolest kid on the playground.

Puffy: Farnsworth, now he has his own tv show.

Conan: I love our country. I do.

Puffy: Only in america baby!

Conan: Your butler now has his own television show.

Puffy: Which I’m an executive producer on. It’s on mtv. It’s called
“borrow my crew.” He’s also a host on “access hollywood” and does all the
runway stuff. And also, he just hosted something on B.E.T. — A spring
fashion review. So he’s doing well. He started out as a butler and he came
up. That’s the american story.

Conan: Now people must be just killing to become your butler. Clearly
that’s a way to get a tv show.

Puffy: I still haven’t found a new butler, yet. I’m looking for someone
of anglo-saxon descent.

[ Light laughter ] Yeah.

Conan: Okay.

Puffy: Equal opportunity employer. Looking with somebody with possibly
an accent, speaks a couple languages. And who does it all.

Conan: Okay. Get the word out there.

Puffy: Get the word out.

Conan: That’s a good job.

Puffy: Great job.

Conan: Now, what’s up with the sean john clothing line. It’s been very
successful. This is a good look. I wonder, are there some people — is
there like an age limit for sean john clothes. There is a cut off limit.
You don’t want people over a certain age wearing sean john clothes.

Puffy: I’m gonna tell you something that’s crazy. Sean john apparel
is like — fashion viagra. I tell you no lie, there’s a trend that’s going
on right now —

Conan: That’s why those pants are baggy.

[ Applause ]

Puffy: No, no. I’m going to tell you there’s something —

Conan: I’m going to hell for that.

Puffy: There’s something that’s going on right now where we’re older
men, a lot of older men over 50 that are wearing sean john. They have younger
girlfriends. They’re wearing sean john.

Conan: You think older people can pull it off?

Puffy: Yeah. Right now we’re doing — we’ve graduated from just doing
sweat suits and sporty wear. We do also do suits — fine tailored suits.
We do tuxedos, formal wear and we’re about to do women’S.

Conan: I was thinking maybe some people are a little too old. Earlier
today I saw abe vagoda wearing sean john. I didn’t buy it. I didn’t think
this was very good.

[ Laughter and applause ] That might be the way he’s walking, though.

Puffy: Yeah. Sean john. 8 to 80, young, crippled or crazy we’ll take
it all. It’s our slogan.

Conan: That’s your slogan, that’s great.

Puffy: No, no.

Conan: I read that you want to be the first black james bond in the
movies. Is that true?

Puffy: Yes definitely.

Conan: Okay. Now tell me, first of all, james bond is english. Would
you do it with an accent?

Puffy: No. We’re going to remix the whole situation, conan.

Conan: You’re going to remix the whole situation.

Puffy: We’re going to change the name.

Conan: Change the name?!

Puffy: It’s a new time. It’s a new time. We’re taking the bond imprint
whatever he stood for but we’re going to remix it. My name is going to
be robert ground.

Conan: Robert ground. So instead of the bond, james bond, you’re going
to say “the names ground, robert ground.”

Puffy: I mean it’s serious. I’m about to announce a deal next week.
I was saying it before. It’s serious. I’m going to announce with — can
I get a round of applause? Finally going to see a black — you know, a
black bond. He’s going to —

[ Applause ]

Conan: He’s not a black bond! It’s a black ground.

Puffy: It’s a black ground. When you say this, you have to have the
people they can relate.

Conan: Right.

Puffy: Is ground going to be — is ground going to be from england or
is he going to be from america?

Puffy: He’s going to be from harlem.

Conan: He’s going to be from harlem. That’s good.

Puffy: It’s america baby. It’s our turn.

Conan: Is he going to do the martinis, shaken not stirred.

Puffy: Martinis, everything.

Conan: You’re gonna drink more than martinis, is what you’re saying.
But he’s going to be cool. He’s going to be a cool guy?

Puffy: It’s going to be, you know, he’s a modern day — he’s a younger
version of bond.

Conan: Yeah. When are we going to see this, do you know?

Puffy: It should be out in the next 20 months.

Conan: Is ground going to need a sidekick?

Puffy: He’s going to have a new ensemble. It’s going to be a newer way
to tell it. It’s going to be a little edgier.

Conan: I’d be a good villain. If you’re looking for a villain. Look
at this. “You’re through ground, through!”

[ Cheers and applause ] That didn’t got way I had hoped it would. Before
we go, I want to mention mtv’s “making the band 3.”

Puffy: Yes. “Making the band 3.”

Conan: This is smart. Girl group.

Puffy: All women.

Conan: And the best part is, because you’re the producer and you’re
the person who’s sort of overseeing things, you get to drop in whenever
you want.

Puffy: Whenever I want. 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. Yeah. Yeah.

[ Applause ] That’s going to — so.

Puffy: It’s on mtv every thursday night. Tomorrow night is the premier
of the show. It’s an hour special. Imagine 19 women all not under one roof,
all staying in one room.

Conan: In one room.

Puffy: One room.

Conan: That’s crazy. All in one small bed. Drinking one cup of soup.

Puffy: No, no. We get them their own cups of soup, but they’re all in
one room.

Conan: You’re ingenuous, ground, ingenuous.

Puffy: Ingenuous. Robert ground, coming to a theater near you.

[ Applause ]

Conan: “Making the band 3” premieres tomorrow at 10:00 on mtv. Sean
“P. Diddy” combs thank you for stopping by.

Puffy: Thank you for having me.

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