Q-Tip: Hip Hop Played A Role In Electing Barack Obama

Angie Martinez of Hot 97 in New York City interviewed on Tuesday (November 4). The hip hop artist talked about releasing his new album ‘The Renaissance’ on election day. Q gave his pitch for the disc, talked a bit about the state of hip hop, impersonated Busta Rhymes, and his belief tha that hip hop played a role in Barack Obama being poised to become President-elect later that night. “We’ve softened the palette for America in terms of how to read and accept people of color over the last 30 years,” he opined. “A lot of kids that listened to hip hop that are white, have over the years grown up now, and a lot of them are now registered. A lot of them have jobs and families, and I think they grew up on a diet of Run-DMC, LL Cool J, and Slick Rick. Hip hop has played a big role in this.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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