Q-Tip Weighs In On MTV’s Hottest MCs List

Thisis50 met up with to discuss MTV’s annual Top 10 Hottest MCs List, which the Queens rapper says isn’t valid since it’s more about sales than skills. “If it’s about the top ten high MCs, rhyme’s gotta be first and foremost before any of that come in,” Q says. “After that, then sales and how your business is and all that, swag and all that sh**, that sh** can factor in after, but it’s about the rhyme.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Q-Tip Weighs In On MTV’s Hottest MCs List

  1. pissininmybed says:

    He is definitely right , MTV listed em up according to WHO GOT MORE FAME , IS BETTER IN SELLING THINGS , GOT MORE CLICKS ON YOUTUBE and all this sh**.

    Some of the MCs in the list got skills and flow, but there are a million better than that .. so the list could be called , HOTTEST MC IN THE GAME !

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