Q&A With Gif

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Hailing from Spanish Harlem, Gif has some very interesting perspectives not oftentimes seen in today’s Hip-Hop world. A lot of rappers will tell you all about their personal wealth. Gif, on the other hand, would rather speak about personal responsibility. Gif’s life in Hip-Hop started at the age of 13 when his friends urged him to rhyme at a talent show. A buzz grew among his classmates and Gif started rhyming all around his neighborhood. He battled everyone and openly admits there were times when he “got destroyed,” but those losses only inspired him to work harder at his skills. Once all the battling got old Gif went to work writing songs and making music. On Gif’s full length debut, View Of A Loser From On Top Of The World, listeners are hit with a combination of lyrical skills and fresh ideas regarding life, and as this week’s Artist Of The Week Gif is hitting readers with some of those ideas, too. Check out the interview at adambernard.blogspot.com.

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