Q&A With Indie Hip-Hop Guru Ope

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Influenced by artists such as ’s Bomb Squad and NWA’s Dr. Dre, Ope, also known as O-Asiatic, started doing production work in 1990. Six years later he started his own company, Ope Entertainment, to further his career. Since then he has worked with numerous artists, some of whom he’s gotten airplay for on New York’s Hot97. Ope’s own work includes the 2001 release GET SHORTy! which was bootlegged overseas and used in the independent film Kingston High. In 2003, after rapper Substantial asked Ope to manage him, Ope turned Ope Entertainment into an artist mangement company and merged it with Substantial’s company to form Unlimited Vinyl Ink (UVInk)/ Ope Entertainment. The company is home to Ope, Substantial, Insanate and Fresh Daily, among others. Oh yeah, and when he’s not busy with his own company he’s working up at 1515 Broadway at a little place called MTV. I met Ope a handful of years ago at a Boo Yaa Tribe album listening party, and today is your opportunity to get to know this rising star. For the full interview with Ope, visit adambernard.blogspot.com.

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