Queen Latifah Deserves Oscar, But May Endure Typecasting

While Christopher Kelly of the Star-Telegram believes Queen Latifah deserves to win the Oscar this year for her supporting role in ‘Chicago’, he worries about its effect. “So why has Queen Latifah mostly been stuck on television or playing the supporting part,” he asked. “Why isn’t she the leading lady who wins the great job and the hunk. As much as I like the new comedy ‘Bringing Down the House’, opening today, it boxes Latifah in. She’s forced to play too many ‘ghetto fabulous’ stereotypes. For a love interest, she’s stuck with Eugene Levy — a funny man, sure, but he’s no Taye Diggs. That’s why, at the end of the day, I’m rooting against Queen Latifah come Oscar night. My heart wants her to win. My brain knows that if she does, she will probably find herself sentenced to a lifetime of character parts. The Oscar would only confirm the shortsighted fears of Hollywood producers who think that a full-figured African-American woman who marches to the beat of her own boombox has no place as a leading lady.”

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