RA: ‘Hip Hop Is Being Drained By White People’

Gil Kaufman of MTV News profiled white rappers in light of ’s ‘Without Me’ track where he utters, “Hey, there’s a concept that works/ 20 million other white rappers emerge.” But other than Bubba Sparxxx and Kid Rock if you want to count him, the scene for white rappers is pretty non-existent. Long Island’s RA the Rugged Man commented, “There may not be [a lot of white rappers] now, but there will be. Back in the day, if you was a dope-ass rapper, black people gave you respect faster than white people, who didn’t think white boys should be rhyming. But hip-hop is being drained by white people. It’s becoming a white culture, and eventually black people will move on to some other sh**.” Read more.

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