Race Hasn’t Been An Issue For MC Serch

MC Serch, formerly of 3rd Bass, now calls Detroit home, and hosts WJLB-FM’s ‘Serch in the A.M.’ weekdays from 6-10 a.m. With his new position on the city’s biggest urban station, he’s helping lend even more credo to the notion that, in its constant mixing up and breaking down of longstanding traditional color barriers, Detroit is the most racially progressive hip-hop city in the nation. “This is black music, and I’ve always respected that and that’s where I come from,” Serch, born Michael Berrin, tells the Detroit News. “And 14 years in this business, I’ve never had someone bring up a race issue. I think it shows how strong hip-hop culture is.” Serch, who is white, is conscious of his role in broadening hip-hop’s racial scope. “It’s funny that I’m here in Detroit, because the last person to kind of fill that void in hip-hop and black music has been ,” he says.

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