Rap And Women

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I am not one for censorship, I believe that freedom of speech and expression is a very underrated thing these days. However, there are limits to what it should be used for. Just like the spreading of racist, homophobic or otherwise prejudice propoganda should not be protected, there are aspects of entertainment that tend to do more damgage than good these days.

People seem to be under the impression that rap videos are all about half naked girls and pimps, but there were times before the sellout market of , P.Diddy, Fat Joe, etc. that rap had more substance, that there was actually a point behind it, some inspiraton. Rap used to be one of the most creative and complex ways of conveying messages through music, and that art is now being used for little else than promoting the use of women as sex toys.

True, many other brands of music have ventured into the scantily clad path of women exposing themselves, but only rap demeans them to such an extent. And yes, I realize that this last sentence will be recieved with a lot of bashing, because I too used to think that whole thing was a bunch of femministic crap, but it’s not.

What could possibly be the point of showing women half naked, being manhandled, used and abused on a suppossed artistic video for all to see? There is none, and more than that it paints a horrible picture of black women in particular, that they are nothing more than ho’s there for the simple reason of pleasing men.

Is it that hard these days to come up with something intelligent to say that these rappers must resort to making every song about the use of women as nothing more than objects. I know that many of you will not agree, but can you honestly tell me that you see nothing wrong with using women as your own sexual property the way these guys do?

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