Rap Fans To Boycott And Protest Universal Music

Contributed Anonymously:

A coalition of rap fans has formed and will unite tomorrow, Friday the 13th, at the Universal Music Group headquarters in Santa Monica to protest the mainstream industry’s hijacking of rap. Their argument is that the monopoly held by record labels such as Universal only promotes rap music that casts black men as criminals and black women as purely sexual objects. While the whole genre of rap is diverse and has a great number of talented artists, the labels choose to promote only the bling-and-hos type, which presents a damaging image of black men and women to America. Still, the group is not calling on Universal to stop producing the music it does; rather, they’re demanding that they diversify the images they present. Already, the Rev. Al Sharpton and other influential leaders have endorsed the movement, which starts with the protest and boycott and will soon continue with benefit shows.

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