Rapper, Actor, Deity: The Life And Times Of Tupac Shakur

Charles Gray of the Phoenix New Times shared his thoughts on the documentary ‘Tupac: Resurrection’. Gray proclaims “Tupac is Jesus.” Gray explained, “As evidenced in the new feature-length documentary Tupac: Resurrection, the major events of the lives of both Jesus and Tupac are jarringly isomorphic. Start with their early years, where they both shared a miraculous time in the womb: Jesus was immaculately conceived, whereas Tupac’s mother, Afeni, carried him for five months in prison, which is also pretty immaculate. Later, both messiahs experienced midlife persecutions resulting from their unflinching moral convictions: Jesus heard it from the Jews and then more firmly from the Romans; Tupac heard it from critics of gangsta rap music, who somehow mistook rap artists for authoring the dreary social situations of the inner city. Most telling, though, is that it was the betrayal by their closest friends that sealed both Tupac and Jesus’ fate: Judas Iscariot identified his homey to the Romans, whereas many believe that Death Row Records magistrate Suge Knight had a hand in Pac’s gunning down. But Tupac is not only similar to Jesus. He is better.”

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