Rap’s Deterioration From Expression To Ego

I know that by now most of us are sick of the topic of battles, but after the ‘How Far Is This Gonna Go’ article I just wanted to say something about “rap wars” in general. People all have their opinions on and obviously, as well as on all the other battling rappers of the past and present. But I just don’t understand the support given to these ridiculous things and the public reaction to it, like everyone is just sitting there waiting for the next problem to start up, so that they will have something to talk about. Obviously when you are a fan of any type of music, and any musician in general you get attached, and want to defend them or at least don’t want to see anything happen to them. But I for one think that these battles are completely destroying the rap industry.

Rap came about around the 70s, and it started out as good beats until the MCs began to talk over the music they made; giving shout-outs, endorsing themselves etc. Now most of these people don’t even care about the music itself, they just use whatever works best behind their ryhmes…so it’s become about the words…that would be fine, except for the fact that now even the words have become meaningless. Rap used to be able to pride itself on being the truest form of expression; compared to the mundane and repetative songs of pop or rock which have no message, no real passion, just songs about break-ups, love, love again etc.

Rap used to talk to people; even as recently as N.W.A who really brought the streets into suburbia and showed people what actually happened in their own country, or KRS-One who wanted to be a positive influence, or Tupac who (before all the beef) made memorable impressions with songs like “Brenda’s Got a Baby”….now it has become completely predictable. Someone says; “I’m the best in the world, I get the most hoes, I make the best ryhmes etc.” then someone else challenges this and those two spend the next few years arguing like little kids…I am actually getting sick of hearing about who is better, why someone hates someone else, it’s not about expression anymore, just ego.

And if the destruction of this artform weren’t bad enough, battles also occsionally get people killed (not by the rappers themselves) and it is their own fault because they know perfectly well that they have tons of fans who idolize them and hang on their every word, and that if they just feed them hatred, it can easily manifest itself into a deadly situation…At least that is my opinion on the whole thing, I just wish someone new (or maybe a return from someone older) would come into the game and give us something real again.

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