Real-Life Barbershop Patrons Have No Problem With Movie

Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times chatted with Lawrence Tolliver at his barbershop on Florence near Western Avenue about the controversy surrounding the starring ‘Barbershop’ which said there are three things black people are going to have to fess up to. Rodney King deserved a beating for driving drunk, and for being in a Hyundai, O.J. did it, and Rosa Parks didn’t do anything but sit down on a bus. Tolliver says had Rev. Jesse Jackson ever been to a barbershop, he’d know that kind of conversation goes on. Tony Wafford, who was in the barbershop added, “Al Sharpton ain’t been in no barbershop neither,” suggesting that Sharpton must be getting his cool-whip “do” at a salon. “Brother’s got all that [stuff] on his head that’s been out of style since ‘Superfly.'”

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