Real World I’s Kevin Gives Props To Snoop Dogg

Kevin Powell, known for being part of the original cast for the first season of MTV’s Real World New York and writing for Vibe magazine chatted with Davey D. and had to give props to the recent moves by . “I was reading this profile on him in a recent issue of The Source, and dig the fact that he seems to be maturing, and grappling with his role in the music industry, that he does not want to take the publishing rights and money of his artists the way his were taken way back when,” Powell said. “I dig that fact that Snoop has publicly stated that he wants to stop using the word nigga, and is referring to people as “cousin,” instead, as much as he can. And, finally, the fact that he is trying to stop the weed-smoking because he now recognizes the importance of being sober, especially if he is trying to be a player in the music game. That is growth, and that is what is missing from hiphop, by and large.” Read more.

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