Reasons 50 Cent Walked Away From The Grammys Empty Handed

Contributed by AlJones:

1) If you go back and look at the list of winners you’ll notice that all of them from Outkast and Beyonce Knowles to Metallica, Christina Aguilera, and Missy Elliott have either spoken out against or appeared in those little anti-downloading commercials, 50’s like the only major act who SUPPORTS DOWNLOADING.

2) Well, sway FROM MTV SAID that the Grammy’s was mad at 50 because he refused to perform. The reason 50 didn’t perform was due to the Grammy budget, the Grammy’s offered close to a million dollars for Outkast performance and offered 600 thousand dollars to the performance and only 500 thousand dollars for 50 performance
And Sway said 50 felt disrespected because 50 is a bigger star than both these acts.

3) ’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ was the most anticipated debut since Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, and an artistic landmark it wasn’t. Never mind the five nominations: Apart from the infectious brilliance of the hit single In Da Club, the album lacks versatility, consistency and originality. The debt it owes to Tupac Shakur and Snoop — in content and persona, respectively — is obvious and unpayable. Performers give back to their heroes by expanding on their best work, not just extracting it. Get Rich tends to sound as recycled as it is catchy.

4) It was a wake up call for 50 he thought and think that everybody likes him because he sold so many units but truth of the matter is that the devils at the top are not feeling the brother like he thought and he thought he had enough commercial success but in their eyes he is just another rapper that had Interscope Dr. Dre and Eminem behind him he’s not a artist that actually came up in the ranks on their own without a large company backing them or a super producer in other words the sales didn’t matter as far as the votes goes but the artistic measure of the albums and songs that are nominated.

.50 did not win because he didn’t bring anything and I just don’t feel like he brought anything new to the table for as hip hop is concerned, yes one would argue he had the biggest single of 2003 or his album sales broke records but we need to realize as a music buying public sales don’t mean talent.

This man has dissed everyone and there mother now the table has turned and its no longer funny, so now his back is against the wall and people want to know with out all the unnecessary classless beef and catchy hooks is Mr.50cent is just another over hyped artist who was forced down the music buying public throats.

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