Release Q-Tip’s ‘Kamaal The Abstract’

Contributed Anonymously:

Starting a grassroots campaign to get Arista Records to release ’s long shelved album ‘Kamaal the Abstract’. I was partially inspired by the current Fiona Apple campaign to release her third album, but mostly inspired by Esthero’s ‘We R In Need of a Musical Revolution!’, because she talks about the responsibilities of all to drive music to be better. Q’s second album is amazing and has been sitting on the shelf since 2002, which is a damn shame. If you are a fan of Q-Tip, A Tribe Called Quest, rap music, music in general, or hate how record companies treat artists…then click on the links below. It only takes people speaking up for our voices to be heard. That might sound like an inane, stupid comment but its true. We speak up, we will be heard, people will listen. All it takes is five seconds. Click the link and sign., which hosted the petition, has since shut down.

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