Rick Ross Releases ‘G-Unit 30 Minute Workout’ Cartoon

The most recent volley in and ’s beef features Fiddy working out with fellow members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo at the gym, hopping on top of each other to help 50 lift some weights before they head to the shower. There, 50 is shown hung like a pimple before the trio engage in a three way. The video prompted Yayo to tell audiotheft, “Yea, that was some homo sh** right there. Why the hell would he put that garbage out.” Watch ‘G-Unit 30 Minute Workout’ below.

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3 thoughts on “Rick Ross Releases ‘G-Unit 30 Minute Workout’ Cartoon

  1. makaveli says:

    That’s all he could come up with, Officer Ricky is done

  2. Chika Ilabor says:

    Ro$$ you are too much to do this. I never thought you could do a thing like this…

  3. don't sweat that nigga curly says:

    Ricky you don’t have to stoop to his level. You are way better than that. Either way it goes no one gives a fu** about 50’s lame ass. I sure as hell don’t. If they do they’re obviously garbage themselves if they can stand his non talent having ass. GAY-UNIT can’t wait for the album to drop!!! TEAM RICK ROSS ALL DAY EVERYDAY BABY!!!!

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