Right Wingers Fuming Over Kanye West’s Remarks

Conservatives are in full-barrel attack mode on after stating “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on Friday night’s Concert For Hurricane Relief on NBC. Michelle Malkin writes, “West may be Time’s ‘smartest man in pop music’, but he also happens to be a tinfoil-hat conspiracist who raps about how the government invented the AIDS virus and a petulant sore loser who delivered a tirade at the American Music Awards when he didn’t get a trophy. NBC can’t say it wasn’t forewarned.” Confederate Yankee added: “NBC allowed these ignorant, hateful comments to go on-air, potentially alienating 1/2 of potential donors, just to get a political dig in at the President. I’m livid, not because of West’s attack on the President, but because this will cost the victims of Hurricane Katrina.” And right-wingers over at FreeRepublic.com haven’t been this outraged at a musician since Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl breast flash.

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