Roc-A-Fella Split Produces Friction

Contributed Anonymously:

MTV News reported on one of Roc-A-Fella’s former groups, State Property, and their current status now that the label has been through some changes. Many of the guys expressed dissatisfaction with Dame Dash, with Peedi Crakk being the most vocal, saying: “He don’t listen. He’s so smart, he’s dumb. He’s got so much money, he thinks he’s the sh**. A cloud just hovers over his head so much, it fu**s with his common sense. That’s why he’s losing. He don’t know how to pick music, what song to do a video for, how to shoot a video. If you tell him this, he feels disrespected because he’s got so many people kissing his ass. When you talk to him on a man-to-man level, on a regular level, he feels disrespected. He’s got three, four, five assistants holding his two-way, holding his money, holding his phone. All this super Hollywood sh**.” Read more.

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