Romeo Talks Facebook & Twitter At Kids’ Choice Awards

Popstar! caught up with at the Nickelodeon 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards held at the UCLA Pauley Pavilion on Saturday (March 28) in Westwood, California. The rapper talked about college life, his Facebook page, getting ready to get on Twitter soon, and being obsessed with basketball. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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4 thoughts on “Romeo Talks Facebook & Twitter At Kids’ Choice Awards

  1. ak ashwill says:

    hey I recon it’s cool that Lil Romeo Miller is going to high school unlike the rest of the rappers thinking they are rich and all even tho Lil Romeo’s dad is a millionaire he doesn’t care he wants to go to college and be a million himself one day and earn his own money I think Lil Romeo is right his parents are not going to be around forever so go to school ps money does not come free of course P Miller went to school that’s how he became rich I mean Lil Romeo can’t live under his dads roof and money forever his got to make his own fortune.
    holler back at me
    From: Ak Ashwill

  2. caileigh says:

    You are a good person. When can I see you?

  3. suad says:

    Hi are you twins with Bow Wow.

  4. sierra turner says:

    You have a lot of pages on Facebook….and one of the page prince Romeo very rude to fans.. thought you should know that!!!!!

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