Roy Jones Jr. Talks To Craig Kilborn Thursday

was on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Thursday to talk about his boxing career and promote his new album. He also played Yambo against Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro… and when Carmen danced to one of his tunes he got flustered and blew his lead, losing to the pair 3-2. Read on for a transcript of the music part of their chat.

Craig: How long have you enen rapping?

Roy: I been rapping, really, since about 1992.

Craig: Is this your first CD?

Roy: Yeah.

Craig: Do you like it?

Roy: I love it. I would not solicit something to somebody for sale if i didn’t love it.

Craig: That’s good. Can I hear some of it — can I hear some of it or not? Slow jam. That’s good.

Roy: Yeah, all right I couldn’t care

Craig: I pull out the 1988 move — that’s good stuff, man. I didn’t know. Now, that’s — I assume — you’ve got 19 cuts on here. I assume that you have some fast ones but I like the slow stuff.

Roy: What i tried to do was — they often tell you to target one group of people but that’s not Roy Jones. I don’t have a favorite group of people. My group of people are anybody that’s God-fearing and that believes — has an open mind and what you do is what you do. What I do is what I do. If you can respect that for me, I can respect that for you. Let’s live together.

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