Russell Simmons On Hannity & Colmes

was on with Hannity & Colmes on February 5th to talk about his boycott of Pepsi for the double standard of dropping and using Ozzy Osbourne in their advertisements. Simmons said, “Pepsi copped out and that was it. So we thought, if they don’t want us, we don’t want them. My first response was to run out and buy a beverage company. I was in negotiation with one so they can stop using my name.” He added, “I was in negotiation with Ludacris and we were going about our business and we look up and there’s the Osbournes. And that’s a tremendous smack in the face for us. It’s like the double standard. Yes, they thought that the hip-hop community would take it lying down. What happened when they did what they did to Ludacris, though, is that other artists lost their deals because of Pepsi wavering.”

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